Our Environmental Policy, Safety Policy, Assumption of Risk and Waiver Agreement are included on this page, and confirmation is required before embarking on your journey with us at Outpost X.

  1. Be careful not to step on corals – dangerous organisms sometimes live on the surface of the coral and it is unsafe for you to step there. Touching or stepping on corals also damages the coral polyps.
  2. Respect the animals and their homes, they have been there longer than you.
  3. Be aware of your waste help El Nido/ Linapacan Coron stay clean by using reusable containers, refraining from littering and segregating biodegradable from non-biodegradable waste.

  1. Life vests are provided for your safety – Wear them!
  2. Listen to your Outpost X Team Expedition Leaders for safety instructions during your briefing before the trip starts. If you are in doubt, please ask for assistance.
  3. Outpost X Administrators, Staff and Expedition Leaders reserve the right to stop a trip or remove a guest if they pose a risk to themselves or other guests at any time.
  4. Alcohol is allowed but please be cautious with the amount you drink. No drugs allowed.

I have fully read the Environmental and Safety Policies of Outpost X.
I understand the intrinsic risks of participating in an Outpost X activity.
In consideration of being allowed to participate in this adventure, I understand and agree that Outpost X and all its agents cannot be held liable for any accident, injury to myself, and any loss or damage to my property. I am fully responsible for all my belongings. I also understand that this activity involves traveling to remote islands, where emergency medical help is hard to reach, and that I am ultimately responsible for my personal safety and the consequences of my actions during the adventure. In the unlikely event of an emergency, if required, will allow Outpost X, and its agents to seek medical help.
I also understand and agree that disruption in the expedition can occur due to weather and this does not entitle me to a refund, I also understand that the departure and arrival time of each island adventure is an approximation, and Outpost X, and all its agents are not liable for disruption of onward travel plans.
From this date, I release Outpost X, and all its agents from any liabilities or claims that may arise from partaking in this adventure.
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