The Essential Packing Guide for Traveling to Palawan – Castaway Edition

For your Castaway Expedition tour, here’s a list of essentials. 

It’s all fun until you step on a stonefish! Please read this list carefully. It will be relayed to you again at our briefing one day before your trip. 

Your main luggage will be stored under the main deck of the boat, and you will not be able to access it until the end of the trip, so a whole 3 days. 

We recommend all to have a smaller bag where you will have your essentials. Generally, a dry bag is the smartest thing to carry these essentials in. Dry bags vary in size, but we recommend 35L and up. 

The one item you must bring is a smile and a good attitude. The list below is composed of essentials. They are not necessary but we highly recommend this for all castaways. 

Discover Our Ultimate Packing Guide List:

• Towel. We do not provide towels on the expedition. 

• A refillable water bottle. It gets hot, and you are swimming a lot. Stay hydrated! 

• We have charging stations for cell phones on our camps but just in case, a flashlight or head torch. 

• Change of clothes. Extra swimwear. 

• Sunscreen, sunglasses, hats. The sun is mean out on the islands, even when it’s cloudy! 

• Shower gel, toiletries, small towel. 

• Sandals and/or reef shoes. 

• Light long sleeves hoodie or shirt after showers to avoid insects when the weather is cooler at night. 

• Headphones, music player, a book or two. 

• Rain jacket. 

• Rash guard to protect against jellyfish, plankton, fire corals, and the mean, mean sun. 

• Insect repellent and gels. 

• Travel insurance! Our trip does not include insurance from our side.