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  • The best way to get from Coron to El Nido. Explore the remote stretch of tropical islands, their beautiful beaches, sandbars, and virgin reefs. Spend the night under coconut trees and thousands of stars in the night sky, in our native-built base camps after eating a feast and having fun with our tour guides and your fellow castaways. We make this a unique travelling experience for each of our guests. If the date you would like to book is sold out, contact us to join our waiting list.  
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    • El Nido : +639694798977
    • Coron: +639671237806

    A mandatory briefing will take place at 5pm on the day before your expedition departs.

    • In Coron, at Outpost Hostel in Barangay 5, Coron. CORON MAP
    • In El Nido, at Outpost Beach Hostel in Corong Corong, El Nido. EL NIDO MAP
    • 2 nights accommodation at Outpost X basecamps
      • Native style huts including mattress, pillows, mosquito net
    • 3 days boat travel
      • We use only certified and regularly inspected bangkas (outrigger motorboat) and ours always have double decks for ample room to find your own space.
    • Seasoned boat crew and tour guides
    • Freshly prepared meals
    • Beverages (water, coffee, tea, rum)
    • Snorkels – fins not included
    • Kayaks (subject to availability)
    • Additional beer and alcohol
    • Sunscreen, insect repellant, toiletries.
    • Towels
    • Swimwear or any other attire
  • On the morning of your expedition we will meet at EL Nido port at 8am, unless otherwise stated.

    • Dry bag day bag – Around 25 to 35 liters suggested. All suggested items not included in inclusions.
      • Sunscreen, sun hat/cap, sunglasses
      • Insect repellant
      • Flashlight and/or head torch
      • Travel towel
      • Change of clothes
      • Swimwear
      • Rash guard
      • Sandals or water shoes
    • Quick access bag (waterproof recommended) – such as a waterproof bum bag or small dry bag.
      • For your on-the-go items such as camera, head torch, and sun screen.
    • Main cargo luggage – Your supply of clean clothes, wallet, passport, and other travel necessities for the duration of your expedition.
      • Valuables and electronics are highly advised to be in waterproof bag within luggage.

    For more details on how to pack for your Castaway Tour visit our packing guide.

  • 1. Cost

    Our 3-day 2-night Castaways Expedition is 18,000php per person (tax included).

    How to book

    Book online with the trip finder at or direct at Outpost El Nido or Coron locations.

    2. Flexible Booking – (Optional: 2500php)

    • With the purchase of booking insurance, your reservation may be amended up to 48 hours prior to the expedition date, availability permitting.
    • If you fall ill on the day of departure and can present a valid doctor’s note, you may rebook your expedition free of charge.
    • Cancellation made up to 3 days prior to the expedition date will be granted a 50% refund.

    3. Itinerary

    4. Cancellation and other changes

    See our Policies page

    5. About the bangka

    We use only certified and regularly inspected bangkas (outrigger motorboat) and ours always have double decks for ample room to find your own space.

    6. About the basecamps

    We have thoughtfully developed our basecamps to be fun, relaxing and cater to camaraderie while keeping the native feel intact.
    Our huts feature a mattress, pillows, and mosquito net.

    7. Orientation

    • For every expedition, there is a mandatory briefing at 5pm the day before your trip.
    • If departing from Coron, the orientation is held at Outpost Hostel Coron.
    • If departing from El Nido, the orientation is held at Outpost Beach Hostel El Nido.

    8. Age Requirements

    We only accept passengers 18 years of age and up.

    9. Contact us

    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at:

    Or visit our tour desk in our Outpost El Nido or Coron hostels