Arrive as strangers, leave as friends

It’s always more fun with Outpost. 

About Outpost X

Hostel Dreams

We understand fun, adventure, backpacking, flash packing, as much as anyone because we did it ourselves for years and still do.

When some of us were in El Nido in 2016, this passion and understanding of travelling eventually grew into a dream to create the perfect hostel, a hostel in a beautiful setting where people were having fun and making memories, a hostel with the best atmosphere. The dream was basically to create a hostel that we would love to stay in.

Image of inside the Outpost X Hostel
image of the sea from the first Outpost X hostel location

The First Outpost X Location

This dream became a reality in 2017, when we opened Outpost Beach Hostel in El Nido. It was a home of atmosphere, fun, and adventure sitting on El Nido’s sunset beach with the most majestic view . The pandemic delayed things, but we eventually opened Outpost Hostel – Coron in 2022, cultivating the same vibe and concept as the flagship beach hostel in El NIdo. Now, we’re off to the more remote islands of Linapacan with our “Castaway” Tour connecting El Nido and Coron and the two hostels.

Your island escape

We are taking the Outpost vibe to another level with our Castaway Tour. The tour will combine the same fun and social vibe of the hostels with the ultimate tropical adventure of a lifetime. Explore virgin reefs and deserted islands and beaches and then crash under the brightly lit night sky in our cozy beach front basecamps all while hanging out with your new friends from all over the world.

It’s always more fun with Outpost, so if you’re looking for fun and looking to make some memories, come check us out!

Outpost X, your island escape in the philippines
image of a group on the Outpost X castaway cruise


Low impact Tourism and High Impact Memories.

We are bringing the same philosophy of community outreach and sustainability of the Outpost Hostels to the remote islands of Linapacan, Palawan. Improvement of educational systems and setting a standard for sustainability, not only on the environment but on indigenous cultures and agriculture, is part of our mission.

Please see our sustainability page for more information regarding community outreach and our care for the environment.